What Had To Be Done cover design

Coming up with a concept for this book was definitely a challenge. The started off trying to design something too specific to the storyline. None of the stock images were working quite right and I was getting frustrated with the whole process. I decided to reread the book to consider a title change and find that line, word, or moment that would capture the idea of the book more fully.

What I ended up with was focused not on the exclusion the main character faces, but on the choice she believed she had to make three years prior, and how everything from that moment forward was driven by that choice.

I used the title alignment to show how a single choice can fragment relationships and upset the course of a life. I darkened the image to create more depth in the color and shadows, contrasting the bright point of light she’s walking toward in her effort to make things right. I went with heavy, san serif fonts partly because this book is YA and partly because I wanted the title to be just as much of a focus as the image.

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WHTBD frontWHTBD full wrap

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