You’ve finished writing your book! Now what? Now it’s time to clean everything up and get it ready for publication with a through edit. I currently offer line editing and proof reading for fiction, nonfiction, or content writing. At this time, I do not offer developmental editing.

$15 per 2000 words proofreading
$25 per 2000 words line editing


Catching the reader’s eye doesn’t stop at a fabulous cover. The interior of a book is just as important, whether in print or ebook. I offer formatting services for fiction, nonfiction, and illustrated books in both paperback and ebook form.

Ebook formatting rates

$100 for submission-ready Epub, Mobi/Kindle, and PDF files.

$150 for a print-ready PDF file.

$175 for ebook + print package.

$200 for an illustrated book, fiction or nonfiction print-ready PDF file. This rate also applies to nonfiction books which contain more than 3 images.

Account Creation/File Upload

Once you have your files ready for publishing, if you’re not comfortable setting up you account and uploading the files on your own, I offer both services with the assurance that all personal information will remain confidential and be deleted at the completion of the project.


$50 Account creation AND file upload, including proofing files once uploaded and making any necessary changes to meet publishing requirements.

$25 Account creation OR file upload.

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